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WordPress is becoming more popular ever. More and more designers are working on wordpress content management system. Layers for wordpress is entirely a new type to create a awesome wordpress theme of your choice. Layers is a brand new site builder for WordPress users. It offers a simple interface that works with point and click. And yet Layers isn’t just for intent WordPress beginners but also for old hands in the business. Layers is an open-source project that can be customized to your personal requirements. It is also free and can be used without restrictions. Layers will incidentally be installed as a theme

Download Layers from the Layers Homepage

What can you do with Layers?

You can completely focus on your design, without having to worry about code and mistakes. Layers is completely integrated into WordPress and wasn’t developed as an attachment. That gives you the possibility to complete a lot of tasks directly in the Theme Customizer with the aid of a live preview. Your design is, therefore, usable universally. The biggest advantage of Layers is its expandability with predetermined themes and style kits that make it possible to add new functions. Layers allows you to do more than ever before with your WordPress website.



Is Layers Only Another Page Builder?

No, not really. The control concept distinguishes itself completely from other page builders. You almost don’t have to do anything directly in WordPress and only need the admin backend for contributions and to compose sites. The complete design along with the website’s entire division is done with the WordPress Theme Customizer, which makes handling intuitive.



You can use a multitude of themes and extensions with Layers. An advantage is the project’s support through the Envato Market. Envato provides its range for Layers so you can always find a cool theme or extension. Envato also offers a variety of extensions and style kits for Layers.

A lot of things can be done with Layers without buying extensions, themes, and style kits. A contact page with embedded Google Maps can be done in minutes by hand.

The Use of Layers for the Designer and Developer



Apparently a WordPress theme that is created as a child theme for one of the largest frameworks like Genesis, Thesis and Hybrid will receive more attention. When you sell a child theme there, you’ll receive more money for it.

Layers has, however, the potential, in my opinion to hold it’s own in the market. Being a first developer of this system can enhance your reputation and the chance to earn good money in the future. Layers isn’t just one of many other frameworks; Layers plays in its own league. You can be sure to have made the right decision with the site builder’s push through Envato, with the development of themes, style kits and extensions. Envato presents the world its work, so a sell seems sure.

A multiplicity of Layers comes naturally with it. Also online shops with WooComerce are quickly made.

Layers Is Capable of Child Themes

The development of child themes for Layers is easier than for other frameworks because you don’t have to deal with an unending number of lines of error-prone code, which can be a safety risk itself. Besides that Layers offers you the possibility to help develop the core because it is and remains to be open-source. Also Layers provides a comprehensive documentation including a guideline for the developer. Important topics like how the development of child themes for Layers are handled.


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