How to Automatically Backup WordPress site to Google Drive

Backups is a most essential thing for any website, creating and maintaining backups are very important somtimes that goes wrong.

Taking a regular backup for wordpress is not a difficult, because there are lot of pluging for this job. They will automatically backup your wordpress website files and the database too and save them to destination and retrive when it need.

We know Google drive is one of the cloud storage we use as integrated with many of google products like Google Doc, Google Sheets, Gmail, google Photos and more. The most effective feature of Google Drive is that Offers 15GB of free storage for all users. so why can’t we store our wordpress backup in Google Drive?

Updraftplus wordpress Backup Plugin


UpdraftPlus is one of the option to automatically backup your files and database to leading cloud services like google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace, DreamObjects, FTP, OpenStack Swift and Email. This plugin Paid version suppots Microsoft OneDrive, Backblace, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Backup your WordPress website to Google Drive

Step1 : First install UpdraftPlus and activate on your wordpress site and go to settings to configure backup.

Step2 : The set your schedule automated backup in every 4/8/12 hours, daily, weekely, monthly, or manually. then you have to choose remote storage.
Step3: Select Goolge Drive as a storage and you can include and exclude specific files type for backup and enable email notifications for basic reports.

Step4:  Click on Save changes button and authorize the plugin to access your google account.

Step5:  After clicking Allow button and hit complete setup button to fininsh.

That’s it UpdraftPlus is successfully connected to your Google Drive account to automatically backup your site in google drive.


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