How to install XAMPP on your computer

Step 1:

First, you Should download XAMPP for windows. In your browser type

Xampp 001

Click the Download button. Now XAMPP is ready to download

xampp 002

After download completion, go to the downloaded directory. You can see the XAMPP installer file.

Step 2:

Now double cilck on the XAMPP installer file.

xampp 003

After double click , The dialogue box will open and Click next

xampp 004

 Then Click next.

xampp 005

Step 3:

Now select the folder where the XAMPP should be install, The default path is C:xampp and Click next

xampp 006

Installation Should take some time. Approximately it takes 10 – 15 min.

xampp010 xampp012


After complete install click finish. If u check the CheckBox from the dialogue XAMPP control panel will start(open) automatically. Otherwise go to the next step.

Step 4:

Double Click the Xampp control panel shortcut from your desktop.

xampp 016

You Can See the XAMPP Control Panel.


Now We should start the Apache Server and Mysql. For that Click the Start Button in the XAMPP Control Panel.


After starting your Apache and Mysql, you shouls notice the PORT NUMBER of Apache server. The default PORT NUMBER is 80.


Apache and Mysql were started. Now we have learn how to check whether XAMPP is installed correctly or not. For that Follow the steps.

Step 6:

Go to your Borwser type http:localhost or http:


If your apache port number is not 80 you should type http:localhost:PORTNUMBER or http: (eg. http:localhost:88 or http:


then you can the following


In first type, You should select the language. Next it won’t be appear.


Click phpMyAdmin. The following page will be open. That page is Mysql Database.


Great you are successfully installed XAMPP. Do your project well and keep touch with our toturials THANK YOU!!!!.

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